Mura CMS v6 Docs - Mura Docs v6

Attention Developers

For important information about what's new in Mura 7, we've put together a helpful presentation.

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Content Managers

Learn how to edit and create content, indexes, slideshows, manage users and permissions, stage content, colloborate and more.

Front-End Developers

Learn how to create custom Mura Themes, use the built-in LESS compiler, create custom fields, use the content iterator, integrate javascript libraries and more.

Back-End Developers

Learn how to get deep under the hood of Mura CMS to customize and extend Mura as far as you need it to go.

Installation & Setup

Learn about installing and setting up Mura CMS for development and production.

Video Tutorials

Watch informational and "how-to" videos presented by Mura CMS team members.

Mura 7 Docs

Documentation for Mura 7.0