Admin Icons

Icon Syntax

The Mura 7 admin uses a standardized subset of the Font Awesome library, with hundreds of available icons. Replacing the familiar "fa-" class prefix with "mi-" (for "Mura icon"), these classes are most commonly applied to an <i> element, often inside a link or page heading. 

<a href="/add-item/"><i class="mi-plus-circle"></i> Add Item</a> 
<a href="/item-list/"><i class="mi-arrow-circle-left"></i> Back to Item List</a>
<h3><i class="mi-cog"></i> Plugin Settings</h3>

Icons are also used in buttons, when saving or cancelling form submissions.

<button class="btn"><i class="mi-trash"></i> Delete</button>
<button typs="submit" class="btn mura-primary"><i class="mi-check-circle"></i> Update</button>

These icon classes may also be used in custom display object configurators. 

Available Icons

A collective view of the icons used in Mura 7 is available in the Class Extension dialog, when selecting an icon to represent the custom content subtype. Any of these are readily available in the default admin css.