Mura 10: Release Notes

Version 10.0.370

May 11, 2021


  • Refined audience self-selector to allow for transparent and conversational experience optimization by site visitors themselves
  • Added content variations to decoupled front-end toolbar and updated treatment of notifications
  • Refined search results within file manager
  • Refined folder permissions in File Manager
  • Added dynamic variables/short codes for use within Layout Manager
  • Added autoplay as video configurator option
  • Added support for custom fields in Marketo forms
  • Made text editor modal wider to fit file manager image preview better
  • Updated admin alert styles
  • Made admin logo the "open/close menu" toggle in Mura admin
  • Tweaked Front-End Toolbar to increase usability, flexibility

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with related content when in preview mode
  • Fixed site member permissions for user tabs
  • Addressed content not saving when saving as a "draft"
  • Added a character limit titles don't mysteriously get truncated by the DB
  • Added health check for settings manager to have registered display objects
  • Corrected content reorder button text color
  • Fixed events losing their scheduling information when being edited
  • Updated sorting dropdown style in file manager
  • Fixed issue with losing styles when editing form properties
  • Took background reset out of layout manager style panel
  • Fixed "remember me" on login form. It should now remember you.
  • Added trash icon instead of "x" icon and moved it to the left side of the item to be consistent with convention
  • Adding more resource bundle keys to replace hard-coded text in File Manager
  • Adding ability to turn off generator header
  • Updated on API caching logic
  • Updated Gated Asset conventions to make more consistent and simplify implementation
  • Corrected site image settings, putting width first
  • Styled custom name-value pairs in configurator

Version 10.0.338

April 8, 2021


  • Added support for reusable module templates
  • Added new accordion panels UI for front end modules
  • Added cascading folder permissions to File Manager folders
  • Updates to resource hub module
  • Improved markdown editor support
  • Added caching to JSON API
  • Added session polling to prevent timeouts when editing
  • Added name/value pair array to available configurator options
  • Added PDF Reader to default front end modules
  • Added custom Dashboard URL option for embedded analytics 
  • Improved UI for Mura Translations Manager


  • Improved log readability
  • Improved lockdown for remote sites
  • Added settings to limit file and image upload size
  • Added User Group search and related UI adjustments to admin
  • Improved UI for editing images in File Manager
  • Added left alignment default for text modules
  • Raised default for legacy page limit setting
  • Increased default number of content items per page in admin
  • Updated placeholder icon for modules in content body
  • Improved support for remote variations
  • Improved handling for invalid image uploads
  • Updated resource bundles for multiple UI language support
  • Added logging to bundle creation and deployment
  • Enhanced usability for some front end elements
  • Extended unique indexing for user database records
  • Added unique instance ID to error logs for easier debugging
  • Extended support for all primary Mura modules in decoupled installations
  • Expanded content search to include the URL of link nodes
  • Improved search matching with layout manager content
  • Added cosmetic updates to File Manager
  • Adjusted styling for File Manager toolbar
  • Added support for cached content in the Feed API
  • Improved spacing options UI for front end module display
  • Improved configurator for legacy display objects
  • Lightened theme for admin alerts and warnings
  • Improved access to file manager in front end modal dialog
  • Updated admin navigation menu now toggled by click on logo
  • Improved toolbar notification when editing a content variation
  • Removed legacy front end mobile preview
  • Updated Component API for Mura 10
  • Standardized rich text editor heading options with HTML conventions
  • Misc. UI improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Improved visibility of extended attributes in primary content area
  • Corrected formatting of multiple select extended attributes
  • Improved placement of nested container objects 
  • Improved related content selection between multiple sites 
  • Improved File Manager rename functionality
  • Improved site manager content template selection
  • Improved content title editing in back end UI
  • Improved responsive behavior for front end toolbar
  • Added persona and stage filters to feed settings
  • Improved login experience in decoupled installations
  • Improved indicators for changed styles in front end modules
  • Adjusted draft prompt alert to hide warning when no changes made