Logging Out - Mura Docs v7.0

Logging Out

There are a few different ways to log out of Mura CMS. The method you choose, will depend on where you're at while logged in to Mura.

Log Out From Back-End Administration View

  1. Look to the top right part of your browser window, and on the the right of your name, click the down arrow, then select "Log Out"
  2. You should be logged out successfully and presented with a "Login" screen.

Log Out From Front-End Public View

  1. On the Front-End Toolbar, look to the far right and locate the "Log Out" link.
  2. If you see the Mura logo at the top of your browser, but cannot see the Front-End Toolbar, simply click the Mura logo to toggle the visibility of the toolbar.
  3. Click the "Log Out" link, and you should be logged out successfully.