The Mura [m] Tag - Mura Docs v7.0

The Mura [m] Tag

Mura uses ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) as its server-side scripting language. CFML treats text surrounded by hashtag/number sign characters (#) as a variable or function call.

For example, the following code would output the current time:

<cfoutput>#TimeFormat(Now(), 'hh:mm:ss tt')#</cfoutput>

However, the code would have to be contained in a .CFM file, and parsed by a CFML server. If you attempt to use the same method with text entered into one of Mura's form fields, or HTML Editor areas, the data is simply stored as text, and rendered back to the browser. In other words, if you added the same line of code, minus the <cfoutput> tags into the content/body area in Mura ...

You would simply see the exact same text rendered back to you.


If you want to output dynamic code with text entered into one of Mura's standard form fields, or HTML Editor, you can simply use Mura Tags in lieu of the hashtag/number sign characters.

<!--- OR --->

Using the previous example, the illustration below shows the same code with Mura Tags instead of hashtag/number sign characters.

Now, the text is evaluated as CFML, and the returned to the browser.

For information on how to render Mura [m] tags in your layout templates, see setDynamicContent in the Template Variables & Helper Methods section.