The Mura Scope - Mura Docs v7.0

The Mura Scope

Similar to how CFML includes various scope types, Mura also includes its very own "Mura Scope" for accessing, and manipulating, Mura CMS variables, data, and objects. In a nutshell, the Mura Scope allows you to "talk" with Mura.

The Mura Scope is available via mura, $, or m.


We're covering template variables shortly, however, a couple of examples demonstrating use of the Mura Scope are noted below.

<!--- Example from within .cfm templates --->
<!--- Example when using the [m] or [mura] tag --->

Note: For theme developers, the Mura Scope will be available to you most of the time you need it. In the Mura Theme Developer Guide, we'll explore the rare situations when it's not immediately available to you, and how to obtain an instance of it, when needed (e.g., when you're running code outside of the normal Mura event model).