Custom 404 Page - Mura Docs v7.0

Custom 404 Page

When a visitor stumbles upon content that doesn't exist on your Mura website, they are presented with a "404" page. This simply means the server could not find the requested URL. For example, you may see something similar to the following illustration when visiting a Mura site that's using the default text.

By follow the steps outlined below, you can customize the default "404" page however you wish.

  1. From the back-end administrator of Mura, select Content from the main navigation.
  2. On the Tree View tab, locate the three-dot menu next to the top-most content item, usually labeled Home.
  3. Click the three-dot menu of the Home page, and select Add Content.
  4. From the Select Content Type dialog window, select Page.
  5. Enter your desired Title. For example, "Page Not Found".
  6. Click the Show Additional Content Titles button.
  7. Locate the URL Title (Optional) field, and enter 404.

    Note: This is the crucial part of this process! If you skip this step, Mura will not use this content item as your custom 404 page.

  8. In the Content area, enter your desired text and/or images.
  9. Select the Publishing tab.
  10. On the Publishing tab, deselect Include in Site Navigation, and enable Exclude from Site Search.
  11. Select the Layout tab.
  12. On the Layout tab, select your desired Layout Template, and set the Inheritance Rules to Start New Cascade so that any display objects assigned to the Home page don't display on the 404 page.
  13. Select Publish to save your new 404 page.
  14. Now, whenever anyone visits a page that doesn't exist in Mura, they should be presented with your custom 404 page.