Today's developers often have one hand on the front-end code, and the other in the back-end. In other words, there are rarely clear lines of demarcation between front-end and back-end developers today. While the Theme Developer's Guide can help someone with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge get their theme integrated into Mura, they will often need assistance, or need to know more, in order to see their dreams fully realized. This where the Mura Developer's Guide steps in.

The primary focus of the Mura Developer's Guide is to help developers integrate their custom business logic and applications into Mura. Not only does this guide fill the holes left behind in the Theme Developer's Guide, it also walks you through the trenches of Mura, giving developers the knowledge and tools needed to accomplish their goals.

It is our hope that you'll find the information here useful to you as a Mura Developer, and we sincerely appreciate your feedback. Please don't hesitate to let us know how we're doing, and if you have any suggestions for improving the information presented here.


Before you begin your journey through this guide, please review the following prerequisites.