Tag Groups - Mura Docs v7.0

Tag Groups

Tag Groups offer a way to apply tags to individual sections, such as "News Tags" or "Blog Tags." This will also allow for the ability to display a specific grouping of tags that only apply to a specific region of a site, for example.

Creating Tag Groups

To create tag groups, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the back-end administration area
  2. Select Site Settings > Edit Settings
  3. On the Basic tab, scroll down to locate the Custom Tag Groups form field
  4. Enter your desired tag group names, separated by a carat (^) in between each group name
  5. Click Save Settings
  6. That's it!

Using Tag Groups

To use tag groups, follow the steps from Tagging Content to apply tags to content items, using the desired specific tag group(s). For example, in the illustration below, the tags "california" and "wine" have been applied to the "News Tags" tag group.

When finished applying your tags, select your desired publishing option to save your content.