Caching - Mura Docs v6


Mura has a built in caching mechanism that (when enabled) will store content information in memory for reuse throughout a given site. The purpose for this is to improve overall site performance by decreasing the amount of reads to the database.

It's important to note that caching is done in a "lazy load" fashion. This means that the item will not be cached until it is called upon for the first time. Whenever a page is updated the cache gets flushed entirely starting the caching process over again.

How to use it

To enable caching, login to the site administrator and click on Site Settings > Edit Current Site. On the "Basic" tab set the "Site Caching" option to "on" and click "Update".

Additional Cache Settings

Cache Free Memory Threshold: The Cache Free Memory Threshold sets a minimum required percent of available JVM memory in order to cache new key. This must have a value. If 0% is entered, it will default to 60%.