Class Extension Manager - Mura Docs v6

Class Extension Manager

The Class Extension Manager is a user interface to enable administrative users the ability to extend Mura CMS objects, and even create "Custom" objects. Some example standard "content" objects are Users, Pages, Folders, Galleries, etc. This allows for the creation of highly structured data by adding new form fields (attributes) to existing Mura CMS data types.

Note: the term "class extension" is borrowed from the world of object-oriented programming (OOP). OOP provides a model for programming based on objects. These objects are designed in hierarchies, commonly a "class" hierarchy. Hence, "class extensions" is a term used to define user-created subclasses.

While Mura CMS does a great job of collecting useful information, there are times when you may want to collect additional data to use and/or display to end users. Here are just a few example subTypes and some associated attributes that may be useful to collect:

  1. Product: Cost, Weight, SKU
  2. Book: Author, Publisher, ISBN
  3. Event: Date/Time, Location, etc.

The Class Extension Manager is one of the more complex parts of Mura CMS, and it's important to understand how each aspect of the Class Extension Manager relates to the others. It's also important to mention that your naming convention needs to be strict - you must treat each named attribute as a variable (no spaces and no special characters).