Key Objectives - Mura Docs v6

Key Objectives

Update Safe

The changes we make to our Mura CMS platform have to remain update safe. We want to do this by keeping our changes in areas that are not part of the Mura CMS core or base site, as the auto-update functionality may over-write some or all of our work.


We want to keep our changes organized and easy to find. Theme changes in our themes, display changes in our display folder and so on.


A great deal of the Mura CMS core and front-end can be customized to suit our specific needs. These changes are often as simple as moving the base document to a specific update-safe location and modifying the content. Even advanced updates and over-rides are possible and safe.


We may want to add brand new functionality as well. Mura CMS allows for this through several standard and efficient paths of development.

Portability & Reusability

We may want to move our development work between Mura CMS sites, or even distribute it in easily-installed packages.