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Mura Scope

Similar to how CFML includes various scope types, Mura also includes its very own "Mura Scope" for accessing, and manipulating, Mura CMS variables, data, and objects. In a nutshell, the Mura Scope allows you to "talk" with Mura.

The Mura Scope is available via mura, $, or m. As covered in the Template Variables & Helper Methods section of Theme Developer's Guide, the Mura Scope has many helper methods. We'll cover more helper methods throughout this guide. You'll also learn how to create a custom instance of the Mura Scope, for those rare times it may not be defined for you.

In addition to the helper methods, the Mura Scope has a number of subscopes that will be covered throughout this guide as well.


The Mura Scope is used extensively by Mura developers, and examples of its use are scattered throughout this guide. A few simple examples demonstrating use of the Mura Scope are also noted below.

<!--- Example from within .cfm templates --->
<!--- Example when using the [m] or [mura] tag --->

Using CFML's <cfdump> tag, you can easily inspect the Mura Scope yourself to see all of the data and helper methods included for you.

<!--- Inspecting the Mura Scope --->
<cfdump var="#m#">