Mura Events - Mura Docs v7.0

Mura Events

As a CFML application, Mura has CFML-specific application-wide settings, variables, and event handlers. In addition to the CFML-specific events (e.g., onApplicationStart, onSessionStart, onRequestStart, etc.), Mura has several of its own events, to allow developers the opportunity to add to, or in some cases, even replace, Mura's own business logic and functionality.

Throughout this section, we'll cover the differences between lifecycle events and contextual events, the Mura "event" scope, and the wide variety of possible events that may occur during any given request, as well as how you can register your own event handlers targeting the specific event(s) related to the task(s) you wish to accomplish. Lastly, you'll learn how you can create your own custom events, and how to use Mura's event log for debugging and performance optimization purposes.