Lifecycle Events vs. Contextual Events - Mura Docs v7.0

Lifecycle Events vs. Contextual Events

Before you continue through this section, you'll need to understand the differences between Mura's lifecycle events and Mura's contextual events.

  • "Lifecycle" events generally get triggered on every page request, and represent the execution of Mura's normal request flow. Mura consists of two unique lifecycles: the Front-end Lifecycle, and the Admin Lifecycle.
  • "Contextual" events aren't triggered on every page request, because they occur in response to the specific event(s) or action(s) that preceded them.

For example, Mura-related events that occur when editing a "User" are only triggered when a user is being created or updated, and would not necessarily be triggered in the course of a normal front-end request.

Note: Contextual events only contain data that is directly supplied to it by the Mura core. If you need to access to the full event scope itself (i.e., during a front-end or admin rendering event), it can be accessed via m.getGlobalEvent().