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Global Reset

The first way can be done for any display object file in your site's display_objects directory (/{SiteID}/includes/display_objects/). If you want to customize the rendering for all folders, you can copy the display object file (or entire directory) and paste it into the 'custom' directory.  For example:




You can now safely make your edits to this newly placed file.

If this is something that you would like include in a theme, you could copy and add your custom file in your theme's display_objects directory. If your theme does not have a display_objects directory, simply create one:


Lookup Hierarchy

  1. /{SiteID}/includes/themes/{theme}/display_objects/{targetFile}
  2. /{SiteID}/includes/display_objects/custom/{targetFile}
  3. /{SiteID}/includes/display_objects/{targetFile}