Mura Core - Mura Docs v6

Mura Core

When you first install Mura CMS, you'll see a standard set of files and folders:

  • /admin: This contains the main Mura content administration code.
  • /config: This contains the configuration files.
    • /settings.ini.cfm: where Mura stores it's core settings
    • /mappings.cfm: Mura will create this file on the first request after installation. This file provides a place to add and edit CF mappings that Mura and any sub-applications use.
    • /cfapplication.cfm: Similar to the mappings.cfm, this file provides an update safe place to add and edit CF Application.cfc variables.
    • /appcfc/: This directory contains individual Application.cfc elements, which can be used to assemble a plugin Application.cfc
  • /default: (see Mura Site Directory)
  • /plugins: contains deployed plugins.
  • /requirements: contains the core Mura CMS code, as well as framework packages that Mura itself uses.
  • /tasks: directory contains various utilities including CKEditor and CKFinder (v6.1 and older).