Creating Plugins in Mura CMS - Mura Docs v6

Creating Plugins in Mura CMS

Mura CMS plugins are distributed as common ZIP files, as in This file is uploaded through the Mura CMS administrator under Site Settings > Plugins (tab) by clicking on the Browse... button, choosing the ZIP file from your local directory, and then clicking on Deploy.

Important: Never install plugins that are provided from sources you are not 100% confident in. A plugin has access to all aspects of Mura CMS, so you will want to be confident in the plugin's provider.

The plugin ZIP file will contain at minimum a select number of files that will help Mura CMS identify the plugin, as well as create links to any display objects, scripts and event handlers that it might contain.

We'll start by gaining an understanding of the basic files and folders that are required. There are actually only 2 files that are mandatory, but a basic plugin architecture often starts with the files indicated below: