CfStatic - Mura Docs v6


CfStatic is a framework for the inclusion and packaging of CSS and JavaScript files for CFML applications. In short, CfStatic takes care of minifying your CSS and JavaScript files. It also compiles CoffeeScript and LESS CSS. Using simple dependency syntax, it will also include your CSS and JavaScript in the correct order. All of this helps increase the performance of your website by reducing the file size and number of files served to the browser as well as increase productivity by allowing front-end developers to write LESS CSS.

Although CfStatic ships with Mura CMS, it is not required to create a theme for Mura CMS. While CfStatic is optional, it is highly recommended for best performance.

Below is an example usage of CfStatic in Mura CMS:


More information about CfStatic and LESS CSS can be found at: