CSS/Less - Mura Docs v6


Mura CMS uses CSS to separate presentation from content and provides a handful of CSS (and Less) files to jumpstart your development efforts.

Theme CSS files are located at: {context}/{SiteID}/includes/themes/{ThemeName}/css/

Note, if using CfStatic (Mura's default theme, MuraBootstrap, uses CfStatic by default), CSS/Less files are broken into "packages" (directories) for effective minification, concatenation and compilation of CSS and Javascript files.

CfStatic (https://github.com/DominicWatson/cfstatic) is a library that minifies and concatenates CSS and Javascript files for client side performance and a good user experience. Mura CMS ships with CfStatic (See the "CfStatic" section for more information).

In addition, CFStatic processes .less files for you right in Mura CMS. Of course, if you prefer another compiler for Less (or SASS), you can use that, too.