Installing a Mura Bundle - Mura Docs v6

Installing a Mura Bundle

When transferring a Mura site, you may be starting with a Mura Bundle. Mura Bundles are a way of packaging your entire Mura site, including all of your site and theme files, as well as your site architecture and content. 

If you have a .zip file of your Mura Bundle, use the following steps: 

  1. In your Mura admin, select the site you would like to deploy your bundle to. If are deploying on a new site, go to Settings > Add Site
  2. Once you have your site selected, go to Site Config > Deploy Site Bundle
  3. Determine if you are restoring from a backup bundle:

    No: will assign new keys to all of your content. You will typically want to use this if you are deploying to another Mura instance with already existing content.
    Yes: Will keep all content keys. You can use this if this is the only site on the new Mura instance, or you are replacing a previous version of this site on the same instance.
  4. Select the content you would like to include:
    1. Site Architecture & Content: All of your pages in Site Manager, Components, Feeds, Forms, Categories, etc
    2. Site Members & Administrative Users: All of your users
    3. Mailing List Members: If you are using Mura's internal email broadcaster
    4. Form Response Data: All of the submissions from any Mura forms you have.
    5. All Plugins: Any plugins that have been bundled with your site
      Note: Not all plugins are built to work with Mura Bundles and may not deploy properly
  5. Select which rendering files you would like to import:
    1. All: Will include both your site directory as well as your theme
    2. Theme Only: Will not include any of your site assets in your site directory
    3. None: If you only want to import the site content
  6. Select the bundle from your server
    To prevent browser timeout issues, we recommend you FTP your bundle zip file to the server before deploying. If the bundle is only a few megabytes in size, it should be fine to upload via the browser.
  7. Click Update