Upgrading Mura - Mura Docs v6

Upgrading Mura

Upgrading Mura is a quick and painless process. You can use the Mura updater by going to "Settings" and clicking the "Upgrade Mura Core" link. Mura will compare your current version with the latest release and update your core Mura files accordingly.

Update Mura CMS Core

In addition, you can upgrade the site files for an individual site by going to "Settings" and clicking "Global Settings". Then click the pencil icon to edit a specific site. In the site settings for a specific site, you upgrade your site by clicking the "Upgrade Site Files to Latest Version" button. Mura will then compare your site files with the latest release and update accordingly there as well.

You can keep your site files on the upgrade path even if you need to customize a specific site (which is usually the rule, not the exception). The following files and directories will not be updated when updating site files within Mura:

  • Any themes, including the "Bootstrap" theme that ships with Mura
  • Any files placed inside "/includes/display_objects/custom/"
  • Your "local" contentRenderer.cfc, eventHandler.cfc, loginHandler.cfc and servlet.cfc