Performance Tips - Mura Docs v6

Performance Tips

If you run into any performance issues or simply want to make sure your Mura site(s) are performing well, you can use the tips below to make sure you have your bases covered with regards to Mura itself.

Front End / HTML

  • Use gzip / mod_expires (Check out the Mura plugin for gzip'ing) 
  • Try to combine JS / CSS into one large file (CFStatic will do this automatically for you, and is built into Mura)
  • Load JS as late as possible in the html
  • Reduce "View Depth" of Primary Navigation dropdowns (Use the argument in the navPrimary function of your template)


  • Either Railo 4.0+ or Adobe ColdFusion 9.0.1+
  • Make sure the JVM has at least 512mb (1GB, ideally) of RAM set for the XMX value
  • Wrap intensive code with the <cf_cacheOmatic> tag
  • Turn caching on in the Mura admin
  • Make sure your "Free Memory Threshold" is set to at least 60% in Site Settings
  • Turn off "Report Execution Times" in CF Admin (Under "Debugging & Logging > Debug Output Settings")
  • Make sure "Session Tracking" is set to 1 day maximum in your settings.ini.cfm, or preferably, "0" since there are so many other options for tracking analytics available today.
  • Make sure your JVM is at least version 1.6.0_13 (Important!)
  • Add a robots.txt to your site. Search bots can add an extremely high amount of undesired traffic to your site. You can slow them down to a reasonable amount with a file set up like this: