The Mura contentRenderer.cfc - Mura Docs v7.0

The Mura contentRenderer.cfc

The majority of Mura's rendering behavior occurs in a special file labeled the "contentRenderer.cfc". Mura's primary, or "Core" contentRenderer is located under:


As covered in the Theme Developer's Guide, the "Core" contentRenderer also contains a plethora of helper methods, as well as settings used by Mura's display objects, all of which are frequently used by Mura developers. 

Since the "Core" contentRenderer is a "core" file, it shouldn't be modified directly. Instead, if you wish you to override any of the default settings or methods found in the "core" contentRenderer, Mura will first check the theme, and then the site for a contentRenderer.cfc. If the matching setting or method is found, it will use the custom setting or method in lieu of Mura's default "core" setting or method. You only need to define the setting(s) or method(s) you wish to override in your "Site" or "Theme" contentRenderer.

Custom Rendering Methods

In addition to overriding any of the default settings and methods found in the "Core" contentRenderer, any custom rendering methods defined in the "Site" or "Theme" contentRenderer are available via the Mura Scope. For example, if you have the following method defined in your "Site" or "Theme" contentRenderer:

public string function dspHello() {
  return "<p>Hello from dspHello!</p>";

You may invoke the method by simply using the following syntax:


The above code would output:

<p>Hello from dspHello!</p>

Lookup Hierarchy

Mura uses the following lookup hierarchy for settings or methods found in a contentRenderer.cfc. If the setting or method is defined in the first file, Mura will use it and ignore any other identically named methods found in the remaining files.

  1. "Theme" contentRenderer
    • {context}/{SiteID}/includes/themes/{ThemeName}/contentRenderer.cfc
  2. "Site" contentRenderer
    • {context}/{SiteID}/includes/contentRenderer.cfc
  3. "Core" contentRenderer
    • {context}/requirements/mura/content/contentRenderer.cfc