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contentRenderer Settings

The vast majority of the contentRenderer settings allow developers to apply custom classes to Mura's display objects. This allows developers to use CSS to control the style and display of Mura's display objects, without having to override the rendering methods or display objects themselves to achieve the desired result.

Mura allows you to override its default contentRenderer settings on a site-by-site basis. To override a setting, simply place a reference to the setting and your desired value in your "Site" or "Theme" contentRenderer.cfc.


this.validateCSRFTokens = true;
this.navOffset = 0;
this.navDepthLimit = 1000;
this.navWrapperClass = 'sidebar-nav well';


A reference for Mura's "Core" contentRenderer.cfc settings is outlined below. Keep in mind the vast majority of the contentRenderer settings are specific to Mura's display objects, and as such, most of these settings are merely the CSS classes that will be applied to them.

Note: The settings listed below are the "default" settings, and many of them may be overwritten in Mura's default theme. Please refer to the theme's contentRenderer.cfc file to review the theme's settings.

Setting Type Default Description
validateCSRFTokens boolean false If true, Mura will check for cross-site request forgery (CSRF) tokens to help prevent CSRF attacks.
navOffset int 0 This allows you to start standard navigation behavior at lower navigation levels. For example, this would be useful if you have a section of your site that should have its own primary navigation, such as a Member's only area with a custom layout template.
navDepthLimit int 1000 This sets the maximum depth that standard navigation will follow.
navParentIdx int 2  
navGrandParentIdx int 3  
navDepthAdjust int 0  
navSelfIdx int 1  
jsLib string jquery

This determines what JavaScript library Mura should use with its built-in display objects. Valid options are:

  • jquery
  • prototype
jsLibLoaded boolean false This allows developers to not rely on Mura to load the default JavaScript framework and simply add it to their theme's HTML head area.
suppressWhitespace boolean true If true, Mura will remove excess whitespace characters from CFML generated content.
longDateFormat string long This is the default long date format for the site.
shortDateFormat string short This is the default short date format for the site.
showMetaList list jpg,jpeg,png,gif,svg This is a list of file extensions that will not directly download, but instead, will render in a Mura CMS page with the "Summary" being displayed in the body area.
imageInList list jpg,jpeg,png,gif,svg This is a list of what image extensions should be shown in built in content listing display objects.
directImages boolean true This tells Mura whether to serve images indirectly through fileManager.renderImage() or create direct links.
personalization string user This allow developers to choose whether site personalizations such as ratings and favorites are attached to simple cookies or an actual Mura user. Users do not need to login in order to save cookie-based personalizations. Valid options:
  • user
  • cookie
hasEditableObjects boolean false If true, enables editable objects (Version 6.x only)
asyncObjects boolean true If true, Mura will load display objects asynchronously.
asyncRender boolean false  
queueObjects boolean true  
layoutManager boolean false If true, will allow administrators to edit display objects via the front-end of the site. (Version 7.x)
legacyObjects boolean true If false, Mura will enable the inline edit features of Mura (Version 7.x)
siteIDInURLs boolean   If a boolean value exists, it will override the settings.ini.cfm value
indexFileInURLs boolean   If a boolean value exists, it will override the settings.ini.cfm value
hashURLs boolean   If a boolean value exists, it will override the settings.ini.cfm value
enableMuraTag boolean   If a boolean value exists, it will override the settings.ini.cfm value
showAdminToolbar boolean   If true, the front end toolbar will be rendered for administrative users.
showMemberToolbar boolean   If true, the front end toolbar will be rendered for site members
showEditableObjects boolean   If true, editable display objects like components and content collections will be rendered. (Version 6.x)
showInlineEditor boolean   If true, will display the Inline Edit button on the front end toolbar for administrative users. (Version 7.x)
renderHTMLQueues boolean true If true, Mura will render the request's HTMLHeadQueue and HTMLFootQueue.
preloaderMarkup string empty string Allows developers to include a custom preloader.
bodyMetaImageSizeArgs struct {size="medium"}  
bodyMetaImageClass string thumbnail A CSS class applied to the primary associated image.
navsize int 50 An integer value to control the maximum number of navigational items to output for Mura generated navigation.
imageClass string img-thumbnail A CSS class applied to the primary associated image when displayed in a list such as a collection.
categoriesNestCheckboxClass string checkbox A CSS class applied to category checkboxes.
generalWrapperClass string well A CSS class applied to general wrapper HTML elements.

Heading Markup Settings 

When Mura outputs headings, the following settings may be used. The following settings are also used to control the heading tags used for the HTML Editor's "Format" select menu options. The defaults listed below are based on the concept that <h1> tags are reserved for the "Site Name" or logo area of the layout templates, and page titles begin with <h2> tags.

Setting Type Default
headline string h2
subHead1 string h3
subHead2 string h4
subHead3 string h5
subHead4 string h6
subHead5 string h6

Alert Markup Settings 

When Mura outputs an alert, the following settings may be used.

Setting Type Default
alertSuccessClass string alert alert-success
alertInfoClass string alert alert-info
alertWarningClass string alert
alertDangerClass string alert alert-error

Table Markup Settings 

When Mura outputs a table, the following settings may be used.

Setting Type Default
tableClass string table table-bordered table-striped
tableHeadClass string empty string
tableHeaderClass string empty string
tableBodyClass string empty string
tableRowClass string empty string
tableCellClass string empty string
tableFooterClass string empty string

Display Objects Settings

The vast majority of contentRenderer settings are used to control the CSS classes for HTML markup of Mura's display objects. Mura's display objects and their associated settings are described below.


The markup for the various types of navigational display objects can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
navWrapperClass string sidebar-nav well
navLIClass string empty string
liHasKidsClass string empty string
liHasKidsAttributes string empty string
liCurrentClass string current
liCurrentAttributes string empty string
liHasKidsNestedClass string empty string
aHasKidsClass string empty string
aHasKidsAttributes string empty string
aCurrentClass string current
aCurrentAttributes string empty string
ulNestedClass string empty string
ulNestedAttributes string empty string
ulTopClass string navSecondary
ulPaginationClass string navSequential
ulPaginationWrapperClass string pagination
aNotCurrentClass string empty string
navCalendarWrapperClass string svCalendar
navCalendarTableClass string table table-bordered
navSequentialWrapperClass string pagination
navSequentialULClass string empty string
tagCloudWrapperClass string svTagCloud
navArchiveWrapperClass string empty string
navArchiveListClass string empty string
navBreadcrumbULClass string breadcrumb


The Form display object markup can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
formWrapperClass string well
formFieldWrapperClass string control-group
formFieldLabelClass string control-label
formInputWrapperClass string input-addon
formInputClass string form-control
formCheckboxClass string empty string
formButtonWrapperClass string btn-group
formButtonInnerClass string empty string
formButtonClass string btn btn-default
formRequiredWrapperClass string empty string

Form Builder

The Form Builder display object markup can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
formBuilderFieldWrapperClass string empty string
formBuilderButtonWrapperClass string form-actions
formBuilderSubmitClass string btn btn-default
formBuilderFormFieldsClass string control-group
formBuilderTabHeaderClass string dropdown
formBuilderDisabledInputClass string disabled
formBuilderCheckboxClass string checkbox


The Calendar display object markup can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
calendarWrapperClass string svCalendar
calendarTableClass string table table-bordered
calendarTableHeaderClass string empty string
calendarTitleInDesc boolean true
calendarListWrapperClass string svCalendar
calendarcolors array of structs [
  {background='##3a87ad', text='white'},
  {background='blue', text='white'}


The Comments display object markup can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
commentsWrapperClass string empty string
commentSortContainerClass string empty string
commentSortWrapperClass string empty string
commentSortSelectClass string empty string
commentFormWrapperClass string empty string
commentFormClass string well
commentNewClass string btn
commentFieldWrapperClass string empty string
commentFieldLabelClass string empty string
commentInputWrapperClass string empty string
commentInputClass string empty string
commentCheckboxClass string checkbox
commentPrefsInputWrapperClass string empty string
commentSubmitButtonWrapperClass string empty string
commentSubmitButtonClass string btn
commentMoreCommentsUpClass string btn btn-default icon-arrow-up
commentMoreCommentsDownClass string btn btn-default icon-arrow-down
commentRequiredWrapperClass string empty string
commentAdminButtonWrapperClass string empty string
commentUserEmailClass string btn
commentDeleteButtonClass string btn
commentEditButtonClass string btn
commentApproveButtonClass string btn
commentThumbClass string img-polaroid
commentSpamClass string btn
commentSpamLinkClass string btn
commentClass string empty string
commentDateTimeClass string empty string
commentReplyClass string empty string
commentAwaitingApproval string empty string
commentAdminButtonWrapperClass string btn-group pull-right
commentUserEmailClass string btn btn-default btn-sm
commentDeleteButtonClass string btn btn-default btn-sm
commentEditButtonClass string btn btn-default btn-sm
commentApproveButtonClass string btn btn-default btn-sm
commentMoreCommentsContainer string well
emailLinkClass string btn
commentsLinkClass string btn
approveCommentLinkClass string btn
deleteCommentLinkClass string btn

Collections, Folders, and List/Grid Output

Collections & List/Grid display object markup can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
contentListImageStyles boolean true
contentListImagePadding int 20
contentListPropertyMap struct {
contentGridStyleMap struct {
  '1 Column'='mura-grid-one',
  '2 Column'='mura-grid-two',
  '3 Column'='mura-grid-three',
  '4 Column'='mura-grid-four',
  '5 Column'='mura-grid-five',
  '6 Column'='mura-grid-six',
  '7 Column'='mura-grid-seven',
  '8 Column'='mura-grid-eight',
  '9 Column'='mura-grid-nine'
contentGridPropertyMap struct {
contentListWrapperDivClass string empty string
contentListItemImageLinkClass string thumbnail
folderWrapperClass string svIndex
nextNWrapperClass string empty string

Edit Profile

The Edit Profile display object markup can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
editProfileWrapperClass string empty string
editProfileFormClass string form-horizontal
editProfileFormGroupWrapperClass string control-group
editProfileFieldLabelClass string control-label
editProfileFormFieldsWrapperClass string empty string
editProfileFormFieldsClass string empty string
editProfileHelpBlockClass string help-block
editProfileExtAttributeFileWrapperClass string empty string
editProfileExtAttributeFileCheckboxClass string checkbox
editProfileExtAttributeDownloadClass string empty string
editProfileExtAttributeDownloadButtonClass string btn btn-default
editProfileSubmitButtonWrapperClass string empty string
editProfileSubmitButtonClass string btn btn-primary
editProfileSuccessMessageClass string alert alert-success

Event Reminder Form

The Event Reminder Form display object markup can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
eventReminderFormWrapperClass  string empty string
eventReminderFormClass string well
eventReminderFieldWrapperClass string control-group
eventReminderFormLabelsClass string control-label
eventReminderSubmitClass string btn btn-default


The Feed display object markup can be found in the files located under:


You should also review the Collections, Folders, and List/Grid Output settings above for markup information specific to the feed output itself. These settings are merely "wrapper" classes.

Setting Type Default
localIndexWrapperClass string svSyndLocal svFeed svIndex clearfix
remoteFeedWrapperClass string svSyndRemote svIndex svFeed clearfix

Login Form

The Login Form display object markup can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
loginWrapperClass string container
loginWrapperInnerClass string row
loginFormClass string form-horizontal
forgotPasswordFormClass string form-horizontal
loginFormGroupWrapperClass string empty string
loginFormFieldLabelClass string control-label
loginFormFieldWrapperClass string empty string
loginFormFieldClass string empty string
loginFormPrefsClass string empty string
loginFormCheckboxClass string checkbox
loginFormSubmitWrapperClass string empty string
loginFormSubmitClass string btn btn-default
notRegisteredLinkClass string btn btn-primary

Search Form & Search Results

The Search Form display object markup can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
searchFormClass string empty string
searchFormInputWrapperClass string empty string
searchFormInputClass string empty string
searchFormSubmitWrapperClass string empty string
searchFormSubmitClass string btn btn-default
searchShowNumbers int 1
searchResultWrapperClass string container
searchResultInnerClass string row
searchResultsRowClass string row
searchResultsMoreResultsRowClass string row
searchResultsListClass string svIndex
searchResultsPagerClass string pager
searchAgainRowClass string row
searchAgainInnerClass string empty string
searchAgainFormClass string empty string
searchAgainInputWrapperClass string empty string
searchAgainFormInputClass string empty string
searchAgainButtonWrapperClass string empty string
searchAgainSubmitClass string btn btn-default

User Tools

The User Tools display object markup can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
userToolsLoginWrapperClass string well clearfix
userToolsLoginFormClass string form-horizontal
userToolsFormGroupWrapperClass string empty string
userToolsLoginFormLabelClass string control-label
userToolsLoginFormInputWrapperClass string empty string
userToolsLoginFormInputClass string empty string
userToolsLoginFormFieldInnerClass string empty string
userToolsLoginFormCheckboxClass string checkbox
userToolsLoginFormSubmitClass string btn btn-default
userToolsNotRegisteredLinkClass string btn btn-primary
userToolsWrapperClass string clearfix
userToolsEditProfileLinkClass string btn btn-default
userToolsLogoutLinkClass string btn btn-default

Content Rater

The Content Rater display object markup can be found in the files located under:

Setting Type Default
raterObjectWrapperClass string row clearfix
raterWrapperClass string empty string
avgRatingWrapperClass string empty string