dspCrumbListLinks - Mura Docs v7.0


A Mura Scope helper method to dynamically output breadcrumbs as a navigational aid to allow users to keep track of their location within the website. The breadcrumb links are output as a HTML ordered list (<ol>), and will already be assigned the classes of mura-breadcrumb and breadcrumb.

Function Syntax

, separator
, class


Parameter Type Req/Opt Default Description
id string Opt crumblist

A string to use as the id attribute of the ordered list (<ol>) for the breadcrumb links.

separator string Opt empty string

An entity-encoded string to use as a separator between each breadcrumb in the list.

class string Opt empty string

A string to use as the class attribute of the ordered list (<ol>) for the breadcrumb links, in addition to the pre-assigned classes of mura-breadcrumb and breadcrumb.


Use this function to output breadcrumb links.


The following example outputs breadcrumb links.

<nav class="breadcrumbs-wrapper">
id = 'your-id'
, separator = '&raquo;&nbsp;'
, class = 'your-class'