Content Sorting - Mura Docs v6

Content Sorting

Mura includes various sort options that control how content on your website is displayed.

All top-level pages, or anything directly beneath the Home page, will always be Manual. In fact, the default sort order for content at all other levels in Mura CMS is Manual. With this option, you manually control of ordering content nodes which will affect how they are displayed on the front-end of the website.

However, Mura CMS offers other methods to sort content as well. Selecting any of the following values will sort content items in the specified section of the site as follows:

  1. Manual: Sorted by manually dragging and dropping content items, then saving the sort order by clicking Update when finished as you did in the Setting Page Order section. Any new content items will automatically appear at the top of the list.
  2. Release Date: Sorted by the value entered into the item's Content Release Date form field.
  3. Last Updated: Sorted by the date the content item was last updated.
  4. Created: Sorted by the date that the content item was originally created.
  5. Menu Title: Sorted by the value entered into the item's Navigation Title field on the SEO tab.
  6. Long Title: Sorted by the value entered into the item's primary Title field.
  7. Rating: Sorted by the average number of stars the content item has received as voted on by site visitors.
  8. Comments: Sorted by the number of comments the content items has received.

Each of these options can be sorted either Ascending or Descending.

Using the News Folder that you created earlier, let's change the default sort order from Manual to Release Date, Descending. This way, the newest article (based on Content Release Date) will appear at the top of the Folder's list of items.