What's The Point? - Mura Docs v6

What's The Point?

If you walk away with only one thing after sitting through this class, then remember this: you can do anything you want in Mura CMS. Period.

That means if you can dream up some super-uber-awesome-cool UI thingy-ma-bob, then there's a way to do it in Mura. Because with Mura, you can make any of the content in your super-uber-awesome-cool UI editable by non-technical users.

Whether you end up using jQuery, Bootstrap, some other cutting-edge technology or no JavaScript or CSS framework at all, it doesn't matter. In Mura, it just works.

Throughout these lab exercises, if you have an idea, please write it down. If you're currently working on a project, or have one coming up that you know you'll need some pointers on...write them down. We try to leave time towards the end so that we can work on some of these things together.

Are you ready?