Setup Environment - Mura Docs v6

Setup Environment

So that we can all be on the same page as we work through these lab exercises, it's a good idea to have a similar environment to work with. We'll go through these steps together:

  1. From the global utility navigation in the back-end admin area of Mura, go to Settings > Add Site. Complete with the following settings:
    1. Site ID: training-frontend
    2. Site: Front End Training
    3. Domain: use whatever the domain is that's in your address bar (e.g., localhost). Do not include the port number if it is present (e.g., 8888).
    4. Theme: MuraBootstrap
    5. Go to the Modules tab
    6. Turn on:
      1. Extranet
      2. Content Collections
      3. Forms Manager?
    7. Go to the Deploy Bundle tab
      1. Click the Site Architecture & Content checkbox
      2. Download the latest MuraBootstrap3 bundle from and extract the file to your desktop
      3. Now, upload the site bundle that is located inside of the extracted folder
    8. Click Add
    9. You should be taken back to the Site Setting screen and see a listing of sites. Because we're using the same domain as the Default site, we need to tell Mura which site should get the requests.
    10. Click View Site List by Bind Order
    11. Change the Bind Order so that Front End Training is number 1
    12. Click Update Bind Order
    13. Make sure you're currently using the Front End Training site and preview it to see that content has been populated.
    14. If so, then you're ready to roll. If not, then let the instructor know.
    15. STOP
  2. Create a new Folder called Labs
    1. We'll use this section throughout the exercises.