Navigation - Mura Docs v7.0


Mura CMS offers a variety of Navigation display objects which can easily be added to a page or section of your site.

Follow the steps below to apply a Navigation display object.

  1. From the front-end public view of your site, hover over the pencil icon on the front-end toolbar and select Inline Edit.
  2. The inline edit panel should appear on the right-hand portion of your browser.
  3. Select the Navigation display object, and then drag it to your desired area, such as the left-hand column. As you drag the display object, drop zone target areas will highlight with either a red dotted box or red dotted line.
  4. When you release the mouse button, the display object should appear on your screen, and the inline edit panel should display a form with configuration options.
    • Select Navigation
      Select your desired "Navigation" option:

      Simply select your desired Navigation option from the list. "Standard Navigation" is usually a safe bet when you're unsure.
    • Alignment
      You may select an "Alignment" option:
      • Left
        • Selecting the "Left" option will reveal the "Offset" and "Width" menus. Simply select your desired Offset and Width.
      • Right
        • Selecting the "Right" option will reveal the "Width" menu. Simply select your desired Width.
    • Custom CSS Classes
      Enter the name of the custom CSS class.
    • Select the Delete button if you wish to delete the Navigation from the layout.
  5. When you're done making edits, select your desired publishing option to save your changes.