Add Pages to the Folder - Mura Docs v6

Add Pages to the Folder

A Mura CMS Folder dynamically displays the title, summary, thumbnail image and a link to read more for each content node listed beneath it. In this example, you will be adding a new content node (Page) for each Director on the Board of Directors.

Refer to the sample content found under /1-mura-admin/sample-content/about-us/board-of-directors/ from the file.

  1. In the Site Manager, mouse over the plus sign next to the Board of Directors Folder.
  2. Select Add Content from the menu, then click Add Page form the Select Content Type dialog window.
  3. The content editing screen will appear.
  4. Complete the following fields
    1. Title: Name of the Director
    2. Associated Image: This allows you to select a single image and Mura will create a thumbnail, medium image and large image for the selected image. For this example, use the sample images provided in the Board of Directors folder.
    3. Summary: Enter a brief description of the director.
    4. Content: The content included within the sample document (bod1.doc)
    5. Click Publish.
    6. Since an Associated Image was uploaded, the Image Details screen should appear.
    7. From the Image Details screen, you have the option to Re-Crop the image for any of the default image sizes (small, medium, large).
    8. To Re-Crop an image, click the Re-Crop button to launch the cropping dialog window.
    9. Click, then drag the cursor over the desired portion of the image.
    10. Then, click Apply Cropping to save the cropped image.
  5. Preview Jonathan Doe's page.
  6. The Board of Directors Folder will be updated to reflect the newly added content node.
  7. Repeat these steps to add Marty McNeil.
  8. Remember, you can adjust the order of the directors using "click-and-drag" and then clicking Update to save the new sort order.