Basic Tab - Mura Docs v6

Basic Tab

Here you will manage the page title and body content of your page.

Listed below are some brief explanations of each field in this tab:

  1. Type: This is the content type (e.g., Page, Folder, Calendar, Gallery, etc.)
  2. Title: Also known as the "Long Title" or "Page Title." Text entered here is displayed above the main content of each page.
  3. Associated Image: You can upload a primary associated image for this content. A thumbnail of this image appears on Folders and as well as on the page itself.
  4. Summary: This is a brief summary of the content on the page. If you are creating a page within a Folder, this summary may be displayed along with other pieces of information.
  5. Content: Aside from the Title, this is the most important field on the basic tab. This is where you edit the body of your page. Mura has a visual "WYSIWYG" editor to help you style and format content for your page.