Multi-Level Content Restrictions - Mura Docs v6

Multi-Level Content Restrictions

Mura CMS can handle complex content restriction scenarios. For example, maybe you want to allow both Board Members and Employees access to the "Members Only" section, and then within that area, you may have a section that you only want to allow the Board Members access to, or vice versa. This would be considered a "multi-level content restriction."

To add additional levels of content restriction within a password protected area, follow these steps as a guide:

  1. Create one or more additional Member Group(s) (e.g., Board Members, Employees).
  2. Add one or more member(s) to the group(s) (e.g., add John Doe and Marty McNeil to the Board Members Group, add Sara Manager to the Employees group).
  3. Add content below the current password protected page. For example, under the Members Only section:
    1. Create a Folder for Board Members Only that has additional content such as board meeting minutes, etc.
    2. Create another Folder for Employees Only that has some additional content such as a listing of employees and a link to an employee manual, etc.
    3. For the Board Members Only Folder, restrict access to Board Members only.
    4. For the Employees Only Folder, restrict access to the Employees only.
    5. Now, when a member of the Board Members Site Member Group logs in to the Members Only area, they will see a navigational link to the Board Members Only section, but they will not see a link to the Employees Only section, and vice versa.