Adding Pages Below The News Section - Mura Docs v6

Adding Pages Below The News Section

  1. In the Site Manager, mouse over the plus sign next to the News Folder.
  2. Click Add Content, then select Add Page from the Select Content Type dialog window.
  3. The Edit Content screen will appear.
  4. Refer to the sample content included in the file to add a few news articles.
  5. On the Basic tab, complete the following fields:
    1. Title: The title of the news release (e.g., Widgets Proven to be Easier to Use Than a Can Opener).
    2. Associated Image:  Use the photos included with the sample content (e.g., news1.jpg, news2.jpg, etc.)
    3. Content Summary: A brief description of the news item.
    4. Content: The content copy included within the sample documents (e.g., news1.doc, news2.doc, etc.)
  6. Select the Publishing tab, then complete the following fields:
    1. Credits: Enter the name of the author (e.g., John Doe).
    2. Content Release Date: Simply select a date from the calendar.
  7. Publish, then Preview Page.
  8. Preview the News Folder to see how the news article appears. Note that the Credits and Content Release Date appear along with a thumbnail image, Content Summary, and link to Read More.
  9. Repeat this process for any other news articles you would like to add.