Create a New Page - Mura Docs v6

Create a New Page

Now that we've created our custom content type (Page/Bio) and added the custom form fields (attributes), let's use it.

  1. Go to the Site Manager.
  2. Next to the Labs content node, hover over the plus sign and click Add Content.
  3. This should open the Select Content Type dialog window.

  4. Select Bio
  5. On the Basic tab, enter the following:
    1. Title: John Doe
    2. Select Associated Image to Upload: use the john-doe.jpg file located under the images directory
    3. Content: Enter some placeholder text.
  6. Go to the Extended Attributes tab
  7. You should now see all of the form fields you created in the previous step:

  8. Enter some sample text in each field
  9. Click Publish
  10. Preview the page