How About Accordion? - Mura Docs v6

How About Accordion?

MuraBootstrap also includes a collapse plugin that can be used to create accordion style widgets. In your code-snippets directory, copy the code found in the file named 14-dsp_Page_Bio5.cfm and paste it into your dsp_Page_Bio.cfm file. Save it, then refresh your browser to see the results:

Let your imagination and creativity go crazy. What about adding a toggle for content managers to choose between either the "tabbed" or "accordion" style interface? How would you go about doing something like this?

What about adding another extended attribute called bioDisplayType? You could make it either a select menu or radio group with the options of tabs or accordion.

Next, you could abstract the output of the tabs and the accordion into different files. You could place them in a directory like so:

Then in your layout template, you could have something like this:

<cfif $.content('bioDisplayType') eq 'tabs'>
<cfinclude template="../page_bio/tabs.cfm">
<cfinclude template="../page_bio/accordion.cfm">

That's just one of the many ways you could do it.