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Advanced Options

When it comes to plugins, the possibilities are truly endless. Throughout the documentation, we've shown you a plethora of ways to interact with Mura. In other words, we've given you all of the tools you'll need to do pretty much anything you want. Just in case you've forgotten, here's a quick reminder of some of the most powerful tools Mura has to offer:

In addition to all of Mura's baked-in developer tools, feel free to use any CFML framework you wish. For example, are you a fan of Framework One? Great! We have a starter plugin using FW/1 as its application framework called MuraFW1. Using a different one? Go ahead. Remember, your plugin can be completely isolated from Mura, if you want it to be. You, as the plugin developer, choose which pieces of Mura you wish to include in your application.