Adding Content Objects - Mura Docs v6

Adding Content Objects

Follow these steps to add a Comments form and Content Rater to all content within the Blog section:

  1. in the Site Manager, navigate to the Blog Folder and click to edit.

  2. Click the Layout & Objects tab./p>

  3. Select System from the Available Content Objects select menu.

  4. Select Accept Comments and click the right arrow to assign it to the Main Content Content Objects display region.

  5. Select Content Rater (located below Accept Comments) and use the right arrow to assign it to the Right Column Content Objects display region.

  6. The Layout & Objects tab should look something like the following:

  7. Click Publish and preview the Blog Folder.

  8. The Blog Folder should now display the entries and their associated information including the comment count and average star rating.

  9. Each blog article should now display a Comment Form and Content Rater.

  10. Complete the Comment Form and click Submit.