Copy & Paste - Mura Docs v6

Copy & Paste

You could essentially follow the instructions for building out the News section to get started on the Blog area. However, there is an even easier way to jumpstart content population by using the Copy/Paste method.

  1. From the Site Manager, delete the Blog Page.
  2. Mouseover the plus sign next to News and click Copy All.
  3. Mouseover the plus sign next to Home and click Paste.

  4. You should see a News - Copy Folder as well as its children content items. Note that all of the copied content's Display is set to No. This allows you to make edits to the content titles and other fields before making the content viewable by site visitors.

  5. Click to edit the News - Copy Folder.
  6. Change the Title to Blog.

  7. Whenever you update the Page Title, you should see a notice to remind you that you may want to update the other title fields found on the SEO Tab.

  8. Go to the SEO Tab.

  9. SImply delete the data from the Navigation Title, URL Title, and HTML (Browser) Title form fields so that Mura CMS can auto-generate the data for these fields based on the data entered in the main page Title field.

  10. Go to the Layout & Objects Tab and remove the News - Category Summary from the Right Column Content Objects display region by selecting it and clicking the left arrow.

  11. Go to the Publishing Tab and change the Display to Yes.

  12. Click Publish.

  13. From the zoomed in view on the Blog Folder, click Modify View and change the Sort Navigation to Release Date, Descending.

  14. Using the sample content provided in the file for the Blog section edit each blog article as follows:

    1. Update the Title field.
    2. Update the primary Associated Image.
    3. Go to the SEO tab and delete the data from the optional title fields (Navigation Title, URL Title, and HTML (Browser) Title).
    4. Go to the Categorization tab and remove all category assignments.
    5. Go to the Publishing tab.
    6. Set your desired Credits.
    7. Set your desired Content Release Date.
    8. Set Display to Yes.
    9. Click Publish and preview the Blog section.