Creating a Category Filter - Mura Docs v6

Creating a Category Filter

The sample project specifications include a categories filter in the right column of the news page.

In this example, we will create categories, categorize content and apply a Category Filter display object on the News Folder. To create categories, follow these steps:

  1. Click Modules, then select Categories from the the primary admin navigation.
  2. This will display the Category Manager screen.
  3. Select Add New Category.
  4. This will display the Add Content Category screen.
    1. Name: This will be the name of the category.
    2. URL Title: If you leave this blank, Mura will automatically give your category a URL title based on the name you choose above.
  5. Parent Category: The drop down list will contain all of the existing categories. If you do not wish this to be a subcategory, then select Primary.
  6. Is this an Interest Group? Select yes to allow the category to allow Site Members to choose when completing or editing their profile.
  7. Allow Content Assignments?  If No, it will simply show as a heading on the Categorization tab under Available Categories, otherwise administrators will be able to assign any content to this specific category.
  8. Active? If you would like this category to be active, select Yes. Otherwise, select No.
  9. Restrict Access to Specific Groups?  You can restrict access to any content with this category to any Site Member and/or Admin Group(s). To select multiple groups, hold CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac) + Click.
  10. Notes:  Simply an extra form field to store any notes pertinent to the category.
  11. Complete the fields on the Add Category form as follows.
  12. Name: News Categories
  13. URL Title: Leave blank
  14. Parent Category: Primary
  15. Is This an Interest Group? No
  16. Allow Content Assignments? No
  17. Active? Yes
  18. Restrict Access to Specific Group(s)? Allow All Groups
  19. Notes: Leave blank
  20. Click Add
  21. You will now have a primary category created called "News Categories".
  22. Mouse over the plus sign next to the primary category and select Add Sub Category
  23. Complete the fields on the Add Content Category form as follows:
  24. Name: Name of the category (e.g., Domestic, International, etc.)
  25. URL Title: Leave blank
  26. Parent Category: News Categories
  27. Is this an Interest Group? No
  28. Allow Content Assignments? Yes
  29. Active? Yes
  30. Restrict Access to Specific Group(s)? Allow All Groups
  31. Notes: Leave blank
  32. Do this for each category you want to add within News Categories.