Content Types - Mura Docs v6

Content Types

Before adding content, it is best to be familiar with the different content types available in Mura CMS. Each type has a unique function that can meet your needs.

Below is a description of each type.


Page content types are the website pages of your site. These are the most commonly used content types containing text, images and links.


Link content types are links to other content items. They can be used to link to other websites from the main site or to another section of your existing website.


File content types are files that have been uploaded to and managed from File Manager. File icons denote common file types such PDF, Word, Excel, Zip and others.


Folder content types allow you to aggregate related content into a defined group. Folders typically display the title and summary fields of each content item within the group. However, they are configurable to display several other fields such as the credits and content release date. The Folder’s “Body” content will appear above the listing of child content.


Calendar content types allow you to display scheduled content in a traditional calendar format. Content placed under a calendar is scheduled by its “Start/Stop Dates'”


Gallery content types are collections of images. They allow you to aggregate and display images as galleries.