Customizing Display Objects - Mura Docs v6

Customizing Display Objects

Mura provides two ways to override defaults. First is through themes and second is through the site itself.

Mura will look for any customizations in the theme, then the site. If none are found, it will simply use the defaults.

As the {context}/{SiteID}/includes/display_objects/custom and {context}/{SiteID}/includes/themes/{ThemeName}/display_objects/ directories do not get updated when using the auto-update function in Mura, this is a great place to store any customizations to these files. By design, Mura will look in the theme's "display_objects" directory first then the site's {context}/{SiteID}/includes/display_objects/custom directory second when rendering a display object. This makes it possible to copy any of the files you want to customize and place them in the directories above. Once they've been copied to these directories, you can customize these files as much as necessary while remaining on the upgrade path.

Note: Sometimes files have references to other files in the "display_objects" directory. These references will need to be updated, and/or copy these files into the custom directory also.