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Page Not Found (404)

When you try to navigate to a page that does not exist in Mura, you would see something similar to the following:

If you desire to do so, you can create your own, customized "404" page. By default, Mura will search for a top-level content item that has only 404 in the URL Title. You can have anything else you want in any other field.


  1. Add a Page to the Home page
  2. In the Title field, enter "Page Not Found"
  3. In the Content area, enter something along the lines as follows:
    "We're sorry, the content you're looking for either doesn't exist or is no longer available. Maybe one of the following links might help:"
  4. Go to the SEO tab
  5. IMPORTANT STEP: In the URL Title field, enter 404
  6. Go to the Layout & Objects tab
  7. For the Inheritance Rules, select Start New Cascade
  8. In the Content Objects area, select System from the Available Content Objects select menu
  9. Then, select Site Map and assign it to the Main Content Content Objects display region
  10. Publish and then view your page

You should now be able to mistype a page name in the URL and end up at your customized 404 page.