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Functions & Methods

If you need different business logic or simply don't like the way we've done something, you can override default functions by creating your own in your site-specific or theme-specific .cfc's.

For instance, if you need to change the markup or output of the primary navigation, you can copy the function from the global contentRenderer.cfc (located in {context}/{SiteID}/requirements/mura/content/) into your local (site-specific) one (located in {context}/{SiteID}/includes/) and customize it to meet your needs. As this file doesn't get updated on auto-update, your modifications are safe. The same goes for eventHandler.cfc, servlet.cfc, and loginHandler.cfc (also located in {context}/{SiteID}/includes/)

Themes can also override, extend or add new methods via the eventHandler.cfc and the contentRenderer.cfc (contentRenderer.cfm available in themes as of Mura 5.3) However, Mura must be re-loaded to see any changes made in this file. The site-specific files do not require reloading the application.