How It Works - Mura Docs v6

How It Works

When a user visits a Mura CMS site on a mobile device, Mura will automatically detect that it's a mobile device and then set a browser cookie called mobileFormat to true. By default, this cookie is set to false, so it always exists.

If the mobileFormat cookie is set to true, Mura then checks to see if the mobile.cfm layout template exists in the theme's templates directory. If it does exist, then Mura will serve all site content through the mobile.cfm layout template. If the mobile.cfm layout template does not exist, then the site will display as it normally would using the assigned layout templates.

The mobileFormat cookie can easily be altered by appending the URL with the desired key/value pair. For example:


This allows you to create Full Site or Mobile Site links that you can add to your custom HTML. So, in the footer of your Full Site HTML, you could add something similar to the following:

<a href="./?mobileFormat=true">Mobile Site</a>