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mobile.cfm & jQuery Mobile

The mobile.cfm template that ships with Mura CMS uses jQuery Mobile ( to render and style the content. Mura even includes the Full Site and Mobile Site links in the footer of the various layout options.

Out of the box, the following files are used for mobile rendering in Mura CMS:

  • All files found in {context}/{SiteID}/jquery/mobile/

    Note: only the .min files are used. The others are provided for convenience
  • {context}/{SiteID}/includes/themes/MuraBootstrap/templates/mobile.cfm.txt

However, using jQuery Mobile is not required. You can just as easily create your own, customized version of the mobile.cfm layout template and style it as you desire.

You may have noticed that the file that ships with MuraBootstrap is named mobile.cfm.txt. This is so that Mura will not use this template automatically. This is by design actually, since the MuraBootstrap theme is "responsive" and already renders well on handheld devices. If you wish to use jQuery mobile instead, simply rename the file to mobile.cfm.