The WYSIWYG Editor (CKEditor) - Mura Docs v6

The WYSIWYG Editor (CKEditor)

The WYSIWYG Editor is a visual editor which allows non-technical users to format various sections of content within Mura CMS such as the Summary and Content (Body) areas. Several of the buttons are similar to that of a standard word processor. However, there are a few buttons you may want to familiarize yourself with:

  1.  Add Internal Link: This button will add a link to another page in your site. The features that make it different from the Hyperlink button is the search feature which helps you select exactly which page you would like to link to.

    When adding an internal link, a search dialog will appear. Type in a keyword or phrase for the content item you would like to link to and press Search. A list of results will display. Select the radio button associated with your desired content item to add a link to it.
  2.  Insert Component: This button inserts a pre-built component into a page's body content. This component can be edited and manipulated within the visual editor. See the components section for more information on components.

    When clicking this button, the Select Component dialog will appear. Select your desired component from the list and click OK. The component will be inserted into the content box.