Create an Approval Chain - Mura Docs v6

Create an Approval Chain

Refer to the System Groups and CMS Permissions areas for creating System User Groups and assigning permissions for those groups.

Follow the steps below to create an Approval Chain.

  1. Go to Site Config > Approval Chains
  2. Click Add Approval Chain
  3. Give your Approval Chain a name and an optional description.
  4. Simply click on your desired group from the Available Groups column, then drag and drop the group under the Groups in this Approval Chain column.
  5. The first group in the chain will be the first group required to "approve" the content. Any content manager may submit content for approval and they do not necessarily have to be a member of any of the listed groups under the Approval Chain.
  6. Drag and drop groups under the Groups in this Approval Chain column to reorder the approval chain.
  7. Click Add

To use an Approval Chain, you will want to Apply an Approval Chain.