Allow Groups to Edit Content - Mura Docs v6

Allow Groups to Edit Content

The "Admin" System Group automatically has permissions to edit any content within any site that the "Admin" System group has been either created in, or shared with. However, because there could potentially be several web sites under one installation of Mura CMS with a multitude of user pools being shared across one or more sites, it is necessary to explicitly grant access/permissions to all other groups you create under each specific site within Mura.

To grant a group the ability to make changes to content, you will need to decide:

  • Whether or not the group has access/permissions to edit any content.
  • If so, what specific content/areas and/or modules the user group has access/permissions to edit.
  • What permission level/role do you wish to assign to the group.

Permission Levels/Roles

Before you begin granting and/or limiting access to any groups, it will be helpful to understand the two primary "roles" within Mura CMS:

  1. Editor: the user group can create/write/edit and publish (make live) or delete content.
  2. Author: the user group can only create/write/edit content. Groups under this role cannot publish or delete any content.

Outside of these primary roles, you will also be able to explicitly "deny" access or possibly allow "read only" rights in some areas as well. For example, the Human Resources user group could have "Editor" privileges within their specific area or section of the site, and have no other access/privileges anywhere else in the site.