User Pools - Mura Docs v6

User Pools

Mura CMS is "multi-sited." This means that under one installation of Mura, there could be several web sites (each with its own unique domain name, subdomain, or any combination of unique domains and subdomains). Because of this, Mura CMS allows you to share User "Pools" across one or more sites. This applies to pools of both System Groups and Member Groups.

Theoretically, you could use only one System User Pool for all sites under your installation. For example, you could create all of the System User Groups under the "Default" site. Then, you could share the System User Pool (and/or Member User Pool) by following the steps outlined below.

Sharing User Pools

  1. Go to Site Config > Edit Site for any site you wish to share the user pool(s) on.
  2. Click the Shared Resources tab.
  3. Here is where you can opt to use a different Member User Pool and/or System User Pool by choosing the desired site containing the pool of users you wish to use from their respective select menus.
  4. Click Update.